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Monday, February 6, 2012

Rockin' Visayas

11:49 am when the islands of Cebu and Negros experienced a 6.9 magnitude earthquake. We were just dismissed from our class when I felt the shaking. But before I could feel the panic rise up inside me, it was gone. Students rushed to the corridors and halls down to the lobby. I continued to calmly walk towards the street and off to eat my lunch. After, I immediately went home to check for news on the internet. And I was glued in front of my laptop the whole afternoon - posting, reposting, tweeting, retweeting. Classes were suspended, works were called off.

Phivolcs announced a tsunami alert level 2 in the eastern coast of Negros and western coast of Cebu. Later, Cebuanos panicked because of an alleged seawater that rose up claiming the downtown area of Cebu City. People flocked in the Basilica of Snr. Sto. Nino, left their cars on the road, ran towards Busay, the upland part of Brgy. Lahug. Many people even remarked the happening as "Sinulog Part 2".

2:30 pm when Phivolcs lifted the tsunami alert and news proclaiming the alleged tsunami as false alarm have flown all over social networking sites. Soon, people calmed down but still kept their eyes open.

Up until now, aftershocks are being experienced all over the Visayas and even Mindanao regions. In the official toll of National Disaster and Risk Reduction Monitoring Council (NDRRMC), 7 people have already been found dead. Power and communication lines are still kept down, keeping those in the affected areas out of reach from their loved ones in the other parts of the country.

Intensity 6, magnitude 7.0 earthquake in my hometown, Argao. Oh Jesus, no. Snr. San Miguel, please spare them. All we could ever do now is to stay calm, alert, prepared and armed with prayers. Although people just pray when calamities arrive, at least, they still pray with all their hearts.

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